About Me



Lux Pacifica is the pseudonym of Zoe Miller, a studio art major at California State University Channel Islands. She graduated Moorpark College with an AA-T in Studio Arts in Spring 2018. She's been an artist her entire life, but discovered a love for acrylic paint in 2016.

Artist Statement


The highest compliment I’ve ever received on my artwork was when a classmate told me that my paintings “make the imperfect perfect”. If I were to boil down what I want my art to be into a few words, it would be something pretty close to that. I want to make work that allows people to reflect on the parts of themselves they see as bad, wrong, broken, or imperfect and see them in a new light. I want my work to show people that even the ugly parts of themselves can be beautiful.



I love to experiment in all artistic mediums, but the one I love the most is acrylic paint. I also enjoy illustration, for which I like to use ink, watercolor, and markers. Photography is also something I like to play with, and am definitely interested in learning more about in the future. The other main medium I use is digital art, usually digital paintings or illustrations in photoshop.